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Tour to Saghmosavank, Amberd, Lake Kari and Armenia wine

  • Classic Tour
  • 1 day
  • Jan - Dec


Saghmosavank Monastery / Saghmosavank is a 13th-century unique monastery complex standing atop the majestic Kasakh gorge. The word "saghmos" means a spiritual song, and the acoustics in the church is amazing. That's why it was called Saghmosavank
Armenian Alphabet Monument / An unusual monument to the Armenian alphabet is a composition of 39 Armenian 2-meter letters carved from tuff
Amberd Fortress / Amberd is a 7th-century fortress. The name means "a fortress in the clouds" in Armenian. It is located 2300 meters above sea level
Lake Kari / Lake Kari is located on the slopes of Mount Aragats at a height of 3,185 m above the sea level. Most of its water comes from ice and snow. It is surrounded by snow most of the moment, so the lake’s water is quite cold. The Institute of Physics laboratory founded in 1942 is located nearby where cosmic rays are studied
Armenia Wine Winery / Armenia Wine is a largest winery built in the style of Armenian classical architecture
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