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Climbing mount Artanish

Climbing mount Azhdahak

Climbing the northern peak of mount Aragats

Climbing the southern peak of mount Aragats

Hiking from Garni temple to Symphony of Stones

Hiking from Gndevaz village to Gndevank monastery

Hiking from Goshavank monastery to Lake Parz

Hiking from Haghpat to Akner village and Sanahin monastery

Hiking from Jukhtak to Haghartsin monasteries

Hiking from lake Parz to lake Gosh

Hiking from Odzun to Horomayr and Qobayr monasteries

Hiking from Symphony of Stones to Havuts Tar monastery

Hiking from Tatev monastery to Mets Anapat monastery and Devil's bridge

Hiking from Urasar village to Water lilies lake

Hiking to Aghavnavank monastery

Hiking to Jukhtak and Matosavank monasteries

Hiking to Kayanberd fortress

Hiking to Lastiver

Hiking to Old Khot and Old Shinuhayr settlements

Hiking to Smbataberd fortress

Hiking to Tsaghats Kar monastery

Trekking to Geghama Mountains