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Tour around Lake Sevan

  • Classic Tour
  • 1 day
  • January - December


Museum of Sevan national park - Lake Sevan - Sevanavank monastery - Hayravank monastery - Noratus cemetery - Mikayelyan Family Farm

Museum of Sevan national park / The museum presents a diversified collection of flora and fauna from Sevan National Park, as well as a collection telling the history and way of life. The rich collection of birds is particularly striking. And the museum's decoration is considered to be the largest Sevan trout(Salmo ischchan) ever caught on Lake Sevan, weighing 16 kg, 95 cm long
Lake Sevan / The "blue" Sevan is the largest freshwater lake in the region. With an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level, it’s one of the highest lakes in the world. The freshwater lake is surrounded by the Geghama mountains
Sevanavank monastery / Sevanavank is standing on the rocky peninsula on the lake Sevan. Initially, in 874, the monastery was built at the small island. Later, in the era of Joseph Stalin, the water level fell about 20 metres, and the island transformed into a peninsula
Hayravank monastery / Picturesque Ayravank, located on the rocks near the shore of Lake Sevan, was built in 9-12 centuries. As a result of archaeological excavations, an ancient settlement was discovered near the monastery, which dates back to the early Bronze Age
Noratus cemetery / This is the largest collection of "khachkars". According to a story during the invading army of Tamerlane the villagers dressed the khachkars up in clothes, helmets and leaned swords against them. From a distance the khachkars looked like army of soldiers as a result Tamerlane's army retreated
Mikayelyan Family Farm / Farm is specialised in milk production and processing, in particular, cheese production: wine-cheese, cognac-cheese, etc. The farm has a spacious and comfortable space for visitors
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